• Apache Spark Field Book

    A comprehensive guide and lasting reference for Apache Spark.


    June 2018.

  • Value

    Beginners Guide

    • Step-by-step guides to major concepts
    • Illustrations of every concept
    • Walkthroughs of the Apache Spark API

    Reference Manual

    • Detailed explanations of concepts in Spark
    • Concrete, memorable examples
    • Detailed, timeless code snippets

    Advanced Techniques

    • Learn about Graph analytics in Spark
    • Learn how to create a data connector in Spark
    • Learn techniques of testing Spark
  • Details


    Amazon Publishing


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    June 2018

  • Author

    Jowanza Joseph

    Data Engineer

    Hello, I'm Jowanza. I've been working with Apache Spark for nearly 3 years now and while I've done some cool things with Spark, I've also taken my lumps. I decided to take my notes, illustrations, and knowledge and put together a book.

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